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Corona virus can reach far through the air, mask necessary: ​​study

Washington, Sep 20 (PTI) Several forms of the coronavirus can travel great distances through the air and people should wear tight-fitting masks for protection. Getting vaccinated is also very important to prevent infection. It is said in one study.

A team of researchers from the University of Maryland in the US found in their study that people infected with the corona virus can spread the infection through their breath and that the alpha form spreads 43 to 100 times more in the air than any other form.


The study, published in the research journal ‘Clinical Infectious Disease’, said that cloth masks and surgical masks prevent the spread of the virus in the air and people from infection. “Our new study underscores the importance of transmission through the air,” said Professor Don Milton from the Maryland School of Public Health.

Milton said, “We know that the delta form is more contagious than the alpha form. Our study shows that different forms of the corona virus can travel a great distance through the air. That’s why we should wear tight fitting masks to prevent infection. Along with this, getting vaccinated is also very important.


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