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California: The world’s largest tree is in danger, a special ‘blanket’ was draped to protect it from the flames


The fire in America’s forests swallowed countless trees, but now the existence of the world’s largest trees in California is under threat. Firefighters are working day and night to save them from fire. In this episode, aluminum blankets are being raised to these trees. It is a matter of concern that this fire has increased the risk of coming to the Giant Forest, where the world’s largest trees are found.

World’s largest tree in danger
According to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group, Paradise and Colony Fires have been raging in California’s Sequoia National Park since September 10. The fire caused by thunderstorms has spread to the park’s 11,365-acre area and is now moving to the Giant Forest. Here is the world’s largest tree, General Sherman.

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This tree is 2200 years old. This tree, 83 meters high and 11 meters wide, is no less than a wonder. These trees are Giant sequoias or Sequoiadendron giganteum Although we can withstand fire, even use it to release seeds, but due to the effect of climate change, now the intensity of the fire is increasing. These ancient trees were not ready for this change.

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Last year, its result was seen in the Castle Fire where thousands of such trees were burnt. To protect General Sherman and other giant trees, aluminum is being installed to prevent fire and heat. Apart from this, the surrounding bush is also being removed so that the fire does not increase.


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