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Biden’s adviser to meet Saudi Crown Prince, hope to discuss Yemen: US official

Washington, Sep 27 (AP) US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jack Sullivan is visiting Saudi Arabia on Monday where he will meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It is being told that during this time he will pressure Saudi Arabia to put an end to the years-long war against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

According to two senior administration officials, Sullivan will travel to Saudi Arabia as the high representative of the Biden administration. Apart from meeting the Cross Prince, he is also expected to meet his brother and Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman.

National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn confirmed to The Associated Press that Sullivan would be visiting Riyadh on Monday. He will also visit the United Arab Emirates, an ally of Saudi Arabia in the ongoing war in Yemen. However, apart from this, he did not give any information.


War has been raging in Yemen since September 2014. On the one hand, the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia is attacking the Houthi rebels, while on the other hand the Houthi rebels are engaged in the war with the support of Iran.

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