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Biden-Xi Jinping talks for the first time in 7 months, will US-China tensions reduce?


Joe Biden and Xi Jinping have spoken directly to each other over the phone for the first time in 7 months amid tensions between the US and China. The US President’s Office, the White House and Chinese state media have confirmed the talks between the two leaders. The talks between Biden and Xi come at a time when tensions between the world’s two largest economies have risen over various issues.

According to the White House, the talks between the two leaders lasted for about 90 minutes. In this, there was a discussion about how to increase the relationship between America and China. This is his second phone conversation with Xi Jinping since Biden took office in January. There is currently a dispute between both the parties regarding the source of the corona virus epidemic, human rights and trade etc.

‘She and Biden had an open-hearted conversation’
Chinese media said Xi and Biden’s talks were “open-hearted” and were very detailed. Xi said that America’s policy towards him is causing a major obstacle in relations with China. The Chinese side said that the two leaders have agreed to maintain frequent contact in the future. Earlier a White House official had said that the presidential office was not satisfied with the initial contact with China.


The official said that the White House hopes that direct talks between Biden and Xi can benefit. Biden has also made it clear in the conversation that he has no intention of backing down on the issue of human rights. America believes that China is working against the norms of the world in the matter of human rights. There is also a dispute between the two sides regarding Taiwan and the South China Sea.


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