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America’s ‘Brahmastra’ is this ‘hunter-killer’ drone, master mind of Kabul attack piled up, India also buyer


After the suicide attack on Kabul airport, the US attacked the Islamic State stronghold. The terrorist of this most radical organization was killed in the attack. This attack was carried out with the Reaper drone which is called America’s Brahmastra. This is not the first time an Islamic State base has been attacked with a drone. America has used this infallible weapon for almost 20 years. It has become more accurate over time.

Purchase will increase in the coming 10 years
According to the report of The Guardian, more than 80,000 surveillance drones and about 2000 attack drones will be purchased worldwide in the next 10 years. India has also shown interest in its purchase and recently asked the US to clear its stance on a $3 billion deal on its pricing, maintenance and technology transfer.

The Indian Army is also waiting for these drones, called ‘hunter-killers’, which can fly for 40 hours and can also carry bombs. This drone first gathers intelligence of the target and then attacks to eliminate it.

armed with Hellfire missile
Many very lethal weapons are fitted in this drone. These include eight laser-guided air-to-surface Hellfire missiles. These missiles hit the target exactly so that there is minimum damage around. Also, it has a targeting system with visual sensors. It has the capability to drop a bomb weighing up to 1,701 kg.

reaper drone

reaper drone

used in war
The US had earlier also targeted the commander of the Iranian army, General Qasim Soleimani. In Afghanistan, drones were also used against al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda’s military chief Mohammad Atif was killed with the help of this. According to a report by Forbes, due to the long war going on here, the development of drone technology continued or else they were quickly sidelined in the war of Vietnam.


Many controversies have arisen
However, the report believes that drone warfare has been quite controversial as many a times innocent people and civilians lose their lives. At the same time, the absence of anyone on the ground to know the whole truth and remote control of the drone is also a big issue. Their use in a battlefield like Afghanistan has established them as a major weapon, but they have been considered serious about human rights.

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