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America-UK will give nuclear submarines and missiles to Australia, there is a stir around the world



  • Biden announces ‘aucus’ agreement with Australia to deal with China
  • Under this, Australia will get nuclear submarines and American Tomahawk cruise missiles.
  • After Britain, Australia is the only country in the world that is getting these deadly weapons.

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced a historic agreement with Australia to ‘Aukus’ (AUKUS) to deal with the bullying of the Chinese dragon. Under this agreement, Australia will get a very lethal nuclear submarine and Tomahawk cruise missiles called American Brahmastra. The importance of the submarine and missile deal can be gauged from the fact that after Britain, Australia is the only country in the world that is going to get these devastating weapons. With the announcement of ‘Ocus’ deal, there has been a stir in the capitals all over the world.

Joe Biden said after the Ocus deal was announced, “It’s investing in our biggest source of strength.” Our alliance and updating them in such a way that they can better deal with threats today and in the future. It is a new way of connecting America’s current allies and partners. During this, British PM Boris Johnson and Australian PM Scott Morrison were connected through video.

Impact of historic treaty to Canada, New Zealand and Japan
These three leaders made it clear that these submarines will only be powered by nuclear power, and will not be fitted with an atomic bomb. This is because Australia has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The acquisition and deployment of nuclear weapons is prohibited under this treaty. As soon as this historic treaty was announced, its impact was immediately seen up to Canada, New Zealand and Japan, which are America’s allies. Voices are being raised in Australia against this deal, while New Zealand has given a very balanced statement to avoid China’s wrath.


Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is against this nuclear deal and said that it would dramatically lose its sovereignty to Australia. At the same time America will show its power. He said, “If the US military cannot defeat the Taliban armed with only AK-47 with all their might, then what are the chances that they will win in the event of a full-fledged war with China, which is the largest country in Asia.”

France furious over cancellation of $90 billion submarine deal
While Canada is also heartbroken by not being included in this deal, France is very angry. In fact, Australia has canceled a $ 90 billion conventional submarine deal with France after the nuclear submarine deal. The French Foreign Minister even said that this cruel decision reminds Trump. He said, ‘I am angry. This should not have been done among allies.’ On the other hand, New Zealand has said that it was not consulted about the deal with Australia. It also said that Australian nuclear submarines would not be allowed to enter New Zealand waters.

Meanwhile, China has flared up with this alliance of Australia, America and Britain. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said: “The United States, Britain and Australia are cooperating in nuclear-powered submarines that will significantly undermine regional peace and stability, increase the arms race and harm international non-proliferation efforts.” .’


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