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America furious over the failure of the Afghan army against the Taliban, said – we spent billions of dollars


The US is deeply disappointed by the growing Taliban rule in Afghanistan and the retreating steps of the Afghan army. The United States has spent billions of rupees in arming and training the Afghan National Army over the past two decades. Even then, the Afghan army continues to succumb to the less trained Taliban fighters. On Thursday, Taliban boys have also captured the main city of Ghazni in Afghanistan.

Biden blamed the Afghan government
US President Joe Biden and other officials have repeatedly called on Afghan leaders to unite and come up with a clear strategy. They fear that Taliban terrorists may soon surround Kabul. On Wednesday, Biden said that we spent more than a trillion dollars in 20 years. We have trained and equipped more than 300,000 Afghan forces with modern equipment. Now Afghan leaders have to come together. They have to fight for themselves, fight for their country.

America is counting the capabilities of the Afghan army
Ahead of the full withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan on August 31, the Pentagon and the State Department have expressed concern over the Taliban’s victory in the absence of US and NATO troops for the first time since the 2001 invasion. US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday that the Afghan military has the capability, they have the capability, they have the numerical advantage, they have an air force. It really depends on leadership and willingness to use those abilities.


US surprised by Taliban victory
The US did not expect Taliban fighters to take over Afghanistan so quickly. A day earlier, the US military has predicted that Taliban fighters can topple the Afghan government within the next 30 to 90 days. Along with this, he can also take possession of the capital Kabul. The United States has bombed in the past two weeks to aid Afghan forces. The Taliban’s moves have not stopped even after the US Air Force bombings in Lashkargah and Herat.

Taliban eye on Mazar-e-Sharif
The Taliban has captured many areas in the northern part of Afghanistan. Now his eyes are fixed on Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province. The city is considered the stronghold of Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, a staunch opponent of the Taliban. In 1990 and 2001, he played a major role in driving out the Taliban from the region. There is panic among the Taliban terrorists by their name itself.

Appeal to Ghani government to unite
US officials have insisted that the outcome could be different if President Ashraf Ghani can unify his government and take decisive action. State Department spokesman Ned Price said, “The Afghan government has tremendous leverage … 300,000 troops, an air force, special forces, heavy equipment, training, commitment to partnerships, continued support from the United States of America. International Crisis Group’s Andrew Watkins said that unfortunately these people have a sense of non-action, this is the government’s stagnation.


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