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America flared up on Pakistan, said- Talibani and Haqqani are fostering terrorists



  • America reprimands Pakistan for helping Taliban’s bloody occupation in Afghanistan
  • US Secretary of State Antony Blinken admits that Pakistan is harboring Taliban and Haqqani terrorists
  • He said that Pakistan should follow the policies of the global community regarding Afghanistan

The US has strongly reprimanded Pakistan, which helped in the bloody occupation of Taliban in Afghanistan. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted that Pakistan is harboring terrorists of the Taliban and the Haqqani network. He said that Pakistan should follow the policies of the global community regarding Afghanistan. The statement of the US Secretary of State has come at a time when the demand for sanctions against Pakistan has intensified.

Antony Blinken targeted Pakistan in his statement in the US Parliament Congress regarding the Taliban’s capture of Kabul. When asked about Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, the US Secretary of State said that Pakistan has many interests in Afghanistan, some of which directly conflict with US interests. Blinken, in his statement on the Taliban’s victory, also said that after India’s increasing role in Afghanistan, Pakistan took a number of “harmful” steps.

America flared up on Pakistan said Talibani and Haqqani are
Afghan people strongly opposed to Pakistan

Blinken said that Pakistan needs to act in line with the stance of the wider international community towards the Taliban. This statement of the US Secretary of State comes at a time when its relations with the Taliban are under question worldwide. Not only this, when the head of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI reached Kabul, he was strongly opposed by the Afghan people. During the visit of the ISI chief, there was a fierce Taliban attack in Panjshir and they captured a lot of area.


Pakistan is accused of helping the Taliban to conquer Panjshir. Pakistan denies these allegations. Pakistan is among the two countries that have the most influence on the Taliban. Apart from this, the second country is Qatar. The Home Minister of Pakistan himself has admitted that Taliban terrorists and their families live here. When America attacked in the year 2001, these terrorists were hiding in Pakistan. Osama bin Laden was also killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Sirajuddin Haqqani, who became the Interior Minister in the interim government of the Taliban, has been raised by the ISI.

Antony Blinken Pakistan

US Secretary of State reprimanded Pakistan

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