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After the bunk, now neem is shining, a datoon is being sold in America for Rs 1800



  • A US e-commerce website has started selling a datoon for Rs 1800
  • People in India use datoons to clean their teeth in rural areas
  • These days chemical-free products like Neem Datoon have become a topic of discussion in America.

In New Zealand, the matter of selling Indian cots for 41 thousand rupees had not cooled down yet that now America has started dispersing its neem. An e-commerce website in America has started selling a Datoon for Rs 1800. In India, a large number of people use teeth to clean their teeth in rural and urban areas. It is available in 5 to 10 rupees at train stations.

Even before this, people in America have been crazy about Indian spices and yoga. India has taught the world many ways to lead a chemical free healthy life. These days organic and chemical free products like Neem Datoon have become a topic of discussion in America. That too when India is slowly moving away from Datoon. Now the demand for teeth whitening is increasing all over the world.


Paying $ 24.63 for a tooth
US-based e-commerce company ‘Neem Tree Farms’ has started selling neem teeth as organic toothbrushes with very attractive packaging. In India, for 5 to 10 rupees, the price is being paid manifold in America. In the US, one has to pay 24.63 dollars for a datoon, which comes to about 1800 rupees. Not only this, the company is also telling the benefits of neem.

Just a few days ago a New Zealand website started selling Indian cot or cot for $800. It will be around 41000 rupees according to Indian currency. Let us tell you that even today in rural areas of India, cots are used in abundance. People can often be seen sitting on the cots at the roadside dhabas, eating food and getting tired. Good bunk beds can be easily bought in India for 1000 rupees.


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