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9/11: Biden will visit all three incidents, ‘reminiscent of pain as news received a few seconds ago’


New York
President Joe Biden, 20 years ago, remembering those killed in the worst terrorist attack ever in US history on September 11, 2001, called on the nation to regain the spirit of cooperation that had come from the terrorist attacks. emerged in the later days. Biden was a senator when the hijackers carried out the nation’s worst terror attack by hijacking four planes and is now celebrating the anniversary of 9/11 for the first time as commander in chief.

Unity is the greatest strength
The president is scheduled to pay tribute at the three sites where the plane strikes took place. He will visit New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a farm near Shanksville. While he will not deliver a speech, the White House on Friday released a pre-recorded address from Biden in which the president talks about the “true sense of national unity” that arose after the attacks and the expected and unexpected. It was seen as heroic in places. In the US on September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked planes and carried out the most horrific terrorist attack ever on American soil, attacking planes and bringing down the Twin Towers. About 3,000 people were killed in these attacks. Biden said, ‘I think the main lesson about September 11 is this, unity is our biggest strength.’

Biden will visit all three sites
Biden arrived in New York on Friday night where the ‘Tribute in Light’ was lit up in the sky. In this, the vertical lights are illuminated at the places where these towers were once. He will first visit the ‘National September 11 Memorial’ on Saturday where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were shot down by terrorists by planes. He would then head to a farm in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where the plane’s passengers fought terrorists to prevent it from reaching their target in Washington, where the plane eventually crashed. Eventually Biden will go to the Pentagon.


Still fresh the memory of pain
Biden said in his video message, ‘No matter how much time passes, but they bring back the memory of that pain as if you got this news a few seconds ago.’ The 20th anniversary of the traumatic attack in America will be celebrated in the backdrop of the global pandemic Corona virus and the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. It would be ironic to say that Afghanistan has again been occupied by the same people who had given shelter to the perpetrators of the September 11, 2001 attack. When all three of Biden visit the site on Saturday, former President George W. Bush is expected to deliver a memorial address in Shanksville. Obama will be in New York. Trump will go to Manhattan before watching a boxing match in Florida.

Father called and said ‘goodbye’
Thea Trinidad who lost her father in these attacks says, ‘It is difficult because there was hope that times would change, the world would be different. But sometimes history repeats itself. Trinidad was ten when her father called her mother for the last time from the burning trade center and said goodbye. “People are skeptical about what they have seen in the Afghanistan case in the last few weeks. It’s time for Biden to rearrange everything. To remind people what it means to be Commander-in-Chief and what it means to be the leader of the country on such an important occasion.


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