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9/11 attack: 11 words whispered in Bush’s ear by officer and history changed, see photos


For the most powerful man in the world, that day was like a normal day. The program of the then US President George W. Bush was held at a school in Florida, about a thousand miles from Washington DC. There was a pleasant conversation going on between Bush and the children. Just then Andy Card, the then White House Chief of Staff, arrives and whispers something in Bush’s ear. They go out fast. Once again everything starts running at the same speed as before. The process of communication with the children continues. After some time, the cards again enter the class, hiding the restlessness floating on the face. This time he utters 11 words in Bush’s ear, weighing heavily. 11 words that would numb the mind of any US President. A look of fear and anger erupted in Bush’s eyes.

Four commercial aircraft became missiles

911 attack 11 words whispered in Bushs ear by officer

Andrew Card recalls that day, saying that the incident ‘united’ everyone. There were no Republicans, no Democrats, all Americans that day. Nearly two decades ago, on the morning of September 11, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial flights to California and used them as missiles with the intention of attacking two of America’s tallest buildings. Two planes hit two buildings in New York’s World Trade Center and one plane targeted the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense. A fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania just before its target. About 3000 people were killed in this terrorist attack and innumerable people were injured.

what were those 11 historical words


After the first plane collided, Bush and his staff at that Florida school did not anticipate the seriousness of the situation. When Card got information about the collision of another plane, he understood that it was not an accident but a terrorist attack. They knew that Bush, sitting among the children, would not be able to talk to them, but they needed to be informed. He knew he was going to speak, he opened the class door, went to Bush and bowed down in his work – A second plane hit the second tower america is under attack. There has been an attack.’


The ‘burden’ of being President was revealed that day

1631330695 219 911 attack 11 words whispered in Bushs ear by officer

Card says while talking to MSNBC, ‘I backed down after saying this. I gave him a very extraordinary message. This was going to be a historical message. I knew he was in a place where he wouldn’t be able to ask questions even if he wanted to, but I was hopeful that he would understand what he had to do as a president. Card says, ‘I think that day Bush realized the real responsibility of being president.’ Today it has been almost 20 years since that attack. The names of a total of 2983 people who lost their lives in this attack are written in the 9/11 Memorial in New York. This attack not only hurt America’s present but also changed its future. Many children who were in their mother’s womb at the time of the attack had lost their father when they were born several months later. People were watching their relatives die by jumping from the building but they were unable to do anything, although America had thought of taking revenge.

America took revenge for the attack

1631330696 631 911 attack 11 words whispered in Bushs ear by officer

After this attack, America started its biggest war against terrorism. A large number of NATO troops were dropped into Afghanistan. There were also US soldiers who were carrying out airstrikes and airstrikes with the help of local military forces and there were also Turkish soldiers who were not acting on the terrorists. Afghanistan was then ruled by Taliban and the people were crying out. Within a few months, soldiers overthrew the Taliban from power. The US thought the Taliban was over, but the Taliban was actually confined to rural areas of Afghanistan and hid. After this development in 2001, in 2011, the US killed Osama bin Laden after a long operation. Bin Laden was the main face behind the most horrific attack in American history, so America was claiming that he had taken his revenge.

Is everything like 20 years ago


The same claim was repeated by the US once again in 2021. When he announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. After this announcement of America, today everything seems to be going back 20 years. There is a Taliban government in Afghanistan as it was 20 years ago, countries are discussing the threat of terrorism and Americans have returned to their country after dumping huge military force, money and equipment into Afghanistan. Victims of the 9/11 attacks, soldiers and their families who have lost everything in the fight against terrorism, and the Afghan people oppressed by the Taliban feel defeated today.


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