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20 years, 2 trillion dollars… Mission in Afghanistan was successful, know what Biden said in his address



  • Biden addresses the nation after America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • Biden said – said that no one else could have done the work we have done
  • Our job is not done yet… America’s interest is our mission: Biden

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden addressed for the first time since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Joe Biden, addressing the nation after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, said that our mission was successful. Biden said that we have maintained peace in Afghanistan for 20 years. The US President said that no one else could have done the work we have done.

‘Over 1.25 lakh people evacuated from Afghanistan’
Biden further said that despite the presence of Taliban, we took out those who wanted to leave from there. We evacuated one lakh people. During this, the security of Kabul Airport was also maintained. The Taliban were forced to ceasefire. He claimed that we evacuated more than 1.25 lakh people from there.

Afghanistan’s power with Taliban – Joe Biden
Biden said that we would like to work closely with the Afghan coalition. Now the Taliban have power in Afghanistan. Thousands of people cannot be sent there now. The land of Afghanistan should not be used for terrorists against us or any other country.

we want to keep the world safe– Joe Biden
Biden said that we want to keep the world safe. You have seen the situation in Somalia and other countries. He described the exit from Afghanistan as part of the strategy and said that time will tell how they will be able to strengthen themselves without US troops.

‘Our work is not done yet… America’s interest is our mission’
The US President said that we can say that our work is not done yet. In the circumstances of two decades ago, we took whatever decision we thought was appropriate. We are facing competition from China. China and Russia are moving ahead in competition with us. Our mission must be clear and the core principle must be based on America’s interest.

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Will always help the Afghan peopleJoe Biden
Biden also said that we will always help the Afghan people. For women, for children, we are ready to fight for their rights all over the world but it will not be based on violence. We will try to ensure human rights through diplomatic means.


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Spent huge amount in Afghanistan for two decades
Joe Biden
Joe Biden said that we have spent a huge amount of money in Afghanistan for two decades. We can use this amount for development works in our country. He said that hundreds of people are committing suicide every day in America, we have to think about them too. The 20 year long battle was difficult for us. To make the future more secure, we have to make efforts in this direction also. America’s mission is over. Let us tell you that under the US mission in Afghanistan, $ 2 trillion was spent from the exchequer.

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