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Working with a laptop on your lap has a detrimental effect on fertility, find out the right way to use a laptop


Keeping the laptop on the laptop can cause infertility: Work from home culture has increased significantly due to coronavirus. Which is why people are now seen stuck on their laptops for a few hours. But did you know that using a laptop for a few hours can also have a very bad effect on your reproductive health? In fact, working with a laptop in the lap, the person’s skin and tissues are damaged due to heat, can also cause infertility problems. Experts, however, believe that there is more damage to laptops with which a person’s WiFi is connected. Let’s find out how.

According to some recent studies, excessive use of laptops can cause infertility in a person. Experts believe that working with a laptop in the lap leads to the effects of the male reproductive organs. Which has a direct effect on their sperm count.

Men suffer more than women

According to experts, laptop heat can do more harm to men than to women. The big reason for this is their body texture. The uterus is seen in the body of women, whereas in men the testicles are on the outer part of the body. Which makes them closer to heat radiation. High temperatures can lead to sperm quality and fertility. This is why men should be more careful than women when using laptops.


The radiation is spread through WiFi

According to doctors, a WiFi connection is more dangerous than using a laptop. Which you use by keeping it on top of yourself while working on the laptop for long periods of time. In fact, all Internet devices use radio-frequencies that can make the human body sick. High frequency radiation is emitted from the hard drive, while high radiation is emitted from the Bluetooth connection. At first, radiation causes a person to have insomnia and severe headaches.

How to use a laptop –

– Place the laptop on your leg or lap, use it instead of on the table.
– Some people stick to their feet while using the laptop due to which the radiation of the laptop falls directly on their body. Refrain from doing this.
– Use the solder when working on a laptop. It prevents radiation.
– Refrain from working too much while working on laptop. This can cause problems in your spine.
-When working on a laptop at a reasonable distance from the factory, try to work only by keeping it on the table.
– Stop using it if there is too much heat coming from the side of the laptop or if there is too loud noise.
– When working on a laptop, keep changing your position in a short time. Doing so will not affect any of your organs.



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