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Will the peasant movement end? January 21 First meeting with the committee constituted by the Supreme Court

The stalemate continues with the three agricultural laws recently passed in Parliament. For the last two months, farmers have been protesting on the borders of various states adjacent to Delhi. There have been several meetings with the government, but so far no results have been forthcoming. Recently, the Supreme Court has stayed the implementation of all the three laws. Besides, a committee has also been formed.

Anil Ghanwat, a member of the committee constituted by the Supreme Court on agricultural law, said today that the Supreme Court has directed that all our farming organizations (those who support the law and those who oppose the law) should be heard, stakeholders and the report prepared and sent to the Supreme Court.

Informing about today’s meeting, he said, “Today’s meeting has decided that the first meeting with the farmers will be on January 21 at 11 am. We will know the views of the farmers who cannot attend the meeting through video conference.

“If the government wants to come and talk to us, we welcome it,” he said. We will also listen to the government. The biggest challenge is to convince the agitating farmers and talk to us, we will try our best.


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