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Supreme Court says farmers’ tractor rally – police to decide who will come to Delhi and who won’t, now hearing next Wednesday


The farmers have announced that they will hold a rally on January 26, i.e. Republic Day, amid a centralized agricultural lawless riot in Delhi, but Delhi Police has reached out to the Supreme Court to stop it, which was heard today. During the hearing, the Supreme Court said it was up to the Delhi Police to decide who would come to Delhi and who would not. The court said police would decide how many people would come to town. The matter will now be heard on Wednesday, January 20.

During the hearing, the chief justice said the matter was related to law and order and the police would decide on the matter. You have every right to deal with this issue. The police have the first right to decide who will enter Delhi. We are not going to tell you what you should do, we will consider this on January 20th. “Admission to Delhi is related to the judicial system and the police will decide on the matter,” the bench said. He said, “Attorney General, we are postponing the hearing of this case and you have full authority to deal with this matter.”

In fact, the Supreme Court on Monday heard an application by the central government, which was filed through the Delhi Police. 2 Petition The court was requested to issue an order to stop the proposed tractor assembly or other similar demonstrations of farmers who might disrupt the Republic Day celebrations in January.

In fact, the agricultural unions displayed agricultural laws saying they would parade their proposed tractors in Delhi on the occasion of Republic Day and they pledged to continue their movement until the agricultural laws are repealed. On the other hand, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar called on the people to discuss ‘alternatives’ instead of repealing the law in the next round of talks on January 19. Today, the Supreme Court also has hearings on agricultural law matters. Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Indian Kisan Union (BKK), told reporters in Nagpur on Sunday that the farmers were ready to protest against the Centre’s new agriculture law in May 2024 and that the farmers’ movement on the Delhi border was an “ideological revolution”. Either he said, ‘We are ready to perform by 2024. We demand that all three laws be repealed and that the government give legal guarantees to MSPs.

Union leader Yogendra Yadav told a news conference at a protest site on the Indus border that, “We will parade a tractor on Delhi’s Outer Ring Road on Republic Day.” The parade will be very peaceful. There will be no interruption in the Republic Day parade. Farmers plant national flags on their tractors. Authorities have appealed to the Supreme Court to suspend the proposed tractor march or any such demonstration so as not to hamper the Republic Day celebrations on January 26. The matter is pending in the court.


Ahead of the 10th round of discussions on the new agriculture law on January 19, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Sunday again urged the farmers’ leaders to drop their barriers to the new agriculture law and discuss every section of the law. “Now that the Supreme Court has stopped enforcing these laws, there is no question of taking a hard line,” Tomar told reporters before heading to Morena, his own constituency in Madhya Pradesh. He said the government wanted the farmers’ leaders to come to the next meeting in January to discuss every section of the law. He said the government was “seriously and liberal in considering other alternatives” without demanding the repeal of the laws.

Meanwhile, a committee appointed by the Supreme Court on the new agricultural law is scheduled to meet for the first time on January 19 at the Pusa campus. Anil Ghanwat, one of the members of the committee, gave this information on Sunday. “We are meeting on January 19 at the Pusa campus,” said Ghanwat, head of Shatakari Sangstha (Maharashtra). Only members will attend the meeting to decide on future strategies. He said one of the four members of the committee has left the committee. If the apex court does not appoint new members, the existing members will continue to do the work assigned to them.

Indian Farmers Union president Bhupinder Singh Mann resigned from the committee last week. Speaking at a press conference in Nagpur, Tikait said they wanted a legal guarantee of a Minimum Support Price (MSP). He said, ‘This is an ideological revolution of the peasants, which started from Delhi and will not fail. The farmers of the villages want us not to return until the three agricultural laws are repealed. ‘

The government and the 41 protesting farmers’ organizations have held nine rounds of talks so far, but the stalemate has not been resolved. In fact, agitating farmers’ organizations have been demanding the complete repeal of all three laws. At the last meeting, the Center suggested that for the meeting to end the January 19 movement, farmers’ organizations should form their own informal team to come up with a specific proposal on the three agricultural laws. Thousands of farmers, mainly from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, have been protesting at Delhi’s various borders for more than a month.



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