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Rupesh Singh murder case: DGP released – Indijo Airlines station manager killed at airport over contract


Rupesh Kumar Singh, station manager of Indigo Airlines, died at the airport on contract. Bihar DGP Sanjeev Kumar Singhal has revealed that Rupesh was killed in connection with the airport parking deal. He said there was a big debate over the deal. The DGP claimed that the police were very close to revealing Rupesh’s murder.

The DGP said police were investigating all other aspects of the murder. CM Nitish Kumar has also taken complete information about the investigation of the case. He said the police had almost completed the investigation into Rupesh’s murder. He said the killings were carried out by summoning the contract killer. Police have connected all the wires of the incident. The whole incident will be published soon. The DGP said the airport parking deal was being scrutinized.

Police have questioned the female employee of the airline

A special team of Patna police has questioned a female employee of the airline. Earlier, female staff also worked with Rupesh. There was an argument between the female worker and Rupesh about something. Later, the woman quit her job and joined another airline.


Police asked him the reason for the dispute. Police have also questioned a former employee of Indigo Airlines. It was learned that Rupesh had fired the employee. On the other hand, the Patna police team reached the Water Resources Department and PHED on Monday. They used to make deals in both the departments. The police team took information about Rupesh’s tender there. Range IG Sanjay Singh said that Rupesh was a level 3 contractor or they would accept 3 level contracts i.e. less than Rs 3 crore. Rupesh used to make deals in the name of his brother and brother-in-law. Police are investigating whether Rupesh had a dispute with anyone over the deal. He took many jobs from both departments. Contracting work was also completed in many places.

Interrogation of those running the stand at the airport
Range IG said police also questioned those who run the train stand at the airport. In fact, the police came to know that Rupesh had a dispute with the stand a few days back. So the police investigated this aspect. However, nothing concrete was revealed during the interrogation. However, the police are still investigating the matter.

Campaign for contract killers
According to Range IG, the police team is engaged in solving this blind case. It is certain that Rupesh was killed with betel nuts. Police teams are trying their best to reach the contract killers. Many places were searched for him. The cause of this incident is also being investigated. If the cause is known, the mastermind can be easily reached.



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