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Raphael joins Republic Day parade flypast, to show off


This time a total of 42 aircrafts including Rafale will take part in the Republic Day parade. This includes 15 warplanes, 5 transports and 1 helicopter helicopter. Raphael, who recently joined the Air Force, has been included in the flypast for the first time. In fact, the flypast will end up flying in the vertical Charlie formation of this aircraft. In the vertical Charlie formation, the plane flies at a low altitude, goes straight up, and then stabilizes at the height of eating acrobatics.

According to the Air Force, India’s air power capacity increased on September 10 last year when five French-based Rafale Rafale fighter jets were incorporated into the Indian Air Force. The route will include a total of 36 Air Force aircraft and four Indian Army aircraft.

An Air Force spokesman said the runway would traditionally be divided into two parts. The first section will have a parade from 10.04 am to 10.20 am and the second section will have a parade from 11.20 am to 11.45 am.

The first section will have three formations. He said the first would be the formation of a ‘flag’ consisting of four MI17V5s carrying the national flag and flags of the three branches of the army. After that, four helicopters of Army Aviation Corporation will form ‘Dhruv’.


He said the final structure would be ‘Rudra’ which would celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the country’s victory in the 1971 war. He said it would include a Dakota aircraft and two Mi-17V5 helicopters. On December 1 last year, India began a year-long celebration to celebrate Pakistan’s victory over Pakistan in 1971. Bangladesh was formed after that war.

The second section of the flypast will have nine formations. The 9 structures include ‘Sudarshan’, ‘Rakshak’, ‘Bhima’, ‘Netra’, ‘Garuda’, ‘Eklavya’, ‘Trinitra’, ‘Vijay’ and ‘Brahmastra’. He said that in the second division of Flypast, a Rafale aircraft would form ‘Eklavya’ with two Jaguars and a MiG-29.

Also, the Republic Day parade of the Indian Air Force will include domestic fighter aircraft models and Tejas and domestically anti-development guided missile poles. The welding will feature light combat aircraft Tejas, Light Combat Helicopters (LCH), Sukhoi-30 MKI and Rohini radar.

Four paramilitary officers and nine soldiers will be involved in the parade. He said the marching team would be led by Flight Lieutenant Tanik Sharma.



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