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MP: Fragmented picture of woman; Eight girls jumped to the rescue, one died


Sometimes people’s small mistakes cast a shadow over life and sometimes they have to wash their hands. A similar incident took place at Dewas on the Indore-Bhopal road where eight women and a girl drowned while going for a photo session with family members in Rajnal pond. The 13-year-old girl died. The other seven were rescued by nearby shepherds and villagers. The girl’s body was found on the morning of January 19.

The incident took place on Monday, where Nujjat, a resident of Savar area of ​​Indore district, was studying in class VIII and after the lock-up, he first left his home and came to Khatambar Fufi Rukhsana of Dewas district. On Monday, Fufi Rukhsana, Nuzhat and six other women and girls of the family went out for a picnic.

From Khatamba village he wandered towards the forest and reached Rajnal pond about one and a half kilometers away. In a large part of the city of Dewas, this pond is full of water and supplies from here. There was a point of picture-sensing in the middle of the fun. He came very close to the water of the pond and started taking pictures. Lacking concentration while taking pictures, he proceeded towards the deep water.


After that, Nujat’s restless Rukshana slipped first and jumped into the pond, then Salma came to her rescue. Rukhsana survived the disaster but Salma drowned. After that, the others all jumped in panic to save each other. Hearing the screams, the village shepherds, fishermen and people reached the pond. They rescued seven women and girls including Rukhsana and Salma, but the student Nuzhat was not known.

In this panic, the other relatives did not jump into the pond again, so the remaining seven were locked up. The search operation started but had to be stopped at night. Later, on the morning of January 19, when Nujat’s body was found around 8 am, another search was carried out. Family members said Nujjat went on a trip for the first time after the lockdown and the incident happened.



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