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Branches of SBI Bank will not be available for this service, only one phone facility will be available


The Corona epidemic has changed a lot. Facilities like door step banking starting from home are now becoming a part of normal life. If you are an SBI customer, you do not need to go to the bank to receive your check, demand draft, pay order, account statement request, term deposit receipt. State Bank of India is providing such facility to the customers in their homes. To avail this facility you can call the toll free number of the bank 18001037188 or 18001213721.

According to the bank, door-to-door banking services offer customers many facilities like cash pickup at home, cash delivery, check acceptance, draft delivery, check requirements, check requirement, life certificate pickup, KYC document pickup, firm-15 pickup.

Do it to take advantage of the benefits

Anyone can register for door-to-door banking services through the bank’s app, website or call center. On the same day, the toll free number 1800111103 can be called between 9am and 4pm on weekdays. For more information about this service, you can visit You can contact your home branch.

The following door-to-door banking services are available at selected branches from 05.01.2018

1. Cash Receipt (Cash Pickup)
2. Cash distribution
3. Check receipt (pickup)
4. Check the demand slip
5. Accept Form 15H
6. Draft delivery
Term. Provision of term deposit information
8. Obtain a life certificate
9. Receipt of KYC documents
10. The main feature of the project
11. Registration is done at the home branch.


The main feature of the project

1. Requests for door-to-door banking services can only be made at the home branch until the contact center is fully ready.

You can avail these facilities of Punjab National Bank from home, know the details

2. Amount of Cash Withdrawal and Cash Deposit – Limit per day, Rs. 20,000 / – per transaction. Is
3. The service charge for each non-financial transaction is 60 / – + GST ​​and 100 / – + GST ​​for financial transaction.
4. Withdrawal will be allowed in case of submission of withdrawal form along with check / passbook.
5) Best efforts will be made for delivery but the time will not exceed T + 1 working day (excluding holidays).
More. Please contact your home branch for more information.

Who will get this benefit?

The doorstep banking service offers benefits ranging from depositing, withdrawing and depositing life certificates at the doorstep at home. Under the door-to-door service, a bank employee will come to your house and take your paperwork and submit it to the bank. This service will help people over 70 years of age, disabled and visually impaired to get banking services at home. However, a customer with a joint account will not get the benefit of this facility. On the other hand, people with secondary accounts i.e. small accounts and CC or current accounts will not get this facility.



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