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BJP’s counter-comment on Congress party’s pamphlet against agriculture law, quote: Congress likes the word blood


The Congress party today released a pamphlet opposing three agricultural laws. It has been named “Farmer’s Blood, Three Black Laws”. Revealing this, Rahul Gandhi sharply attacked the Modi government. He said the Prime Minister is handing over the entire structure of agriculture to 4-5 people. The BJP has responded to his allegations. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said the Congress party likes the word blood.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said, ‘Congress likes the word blood. I want to remind you that you are talking about the blood of agriculture, but you are playing the game of blood, millions of people died during the partition, was it not blood?

Javadekar said, ‘You are talking about‘ agricultural blood ’, but what about bloodshed during partition? In 1984, 3,000 Sikhs were burnt alive in Delhi. Wasn’t it bad blood? … millions of farmers committed suicide during the Congress regime, they had no blood in their bodies? ‘

He further said, ‘I am asking Rahul Gandhi that if the farmers of the country are poor today, then whose policy was poor? Farmers have remained poor in the catastrophic policy that Congress has implemented for 50 years. Never paid for his product. ‘Javadekar did not stop there. He said, ‘What is the game of Congress? Tomorrow is the tenth point of discussion between the farmers and the government. In any case it has failed because Congress does not want to solve the problem of the peasantry. Congress does not want the talks between the peasants and the government to succeed.

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Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s allegations, Javadekar said that the Congress leader had alleged that 4-5 families dominated the country. The country is no longer ruled by any family. As a rule of 125 crore people, this change has taken place. When Congress ran the government for 50 years, there was only one family government.




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