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Anil Ghanwat: Committee members should not allow their personal views to prevail during discussions on fairness of agro-based law


Anil Ghanwat, chief member of the Supreme Court-appointed committee on the new agricultural law, said on Tuesday that committee members would not allow their personal views to prevail when discussing agricultural law from various stakeholders. He emphasized that he was not in favor of any party or government. After the first meeting of the committee held today, Ghanbhat said that the first meeting with farmers and other stakeholders has been proposed on Thursday.

It may be mentioned that the Supreme Court had constituted a four-member committee on January 11, but the protesting farmers questioned the views of the appointed members on agricultural law in the past. After that, one member Bhupinder Singh Mann distanced himself from it.

Explain that thousands of farmers at the Delhi border have been protesting against the new agriculture law for almost two months. There have been nine rounds of talks between the central government and representatives of the protesting farmers’ organizations, but efforts to resolve the issue have been in vain.

Ghanbhat is also the chairman of the organization. He said the committee would hold first round discussions with farmers and other stakeholders on January 21. He said that the biggest challenge of the committee is to prepare the protesting farmers for discussion with us. We will try our best, said Ghanbat, adding that the committee wants to know the views of farmers and all other stakeholders in agricultural law, excluding the central and state governments.


He said the committee members would keep their personal views on agricultural law separate while preparing the report for submission to the Supreme Court.

Asked to include another person in the committee in place of Bhupinder Singh Mann, he said it was constituted by the Supreme Court and only the apex court would decide who would be appointed. Ghanbat says that we have been given the responsibility and we are giving it up properly.

“We want to tell those who are reluctant to come before the committee of agitating farmers that we are not on the side of anyone or the government,” he said. We all come from the Supreme Court.

Protesting farmers’ organizations and members of the opposition have repeatedly said that you have come to us for talks on allegations of being pro-government. We will listen to you and put your opinion before the court. We urge everyone to speak up.



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