You have already seen their fate… Taliban, causing havoc in Afghanistan, sent ‘sour-sweet’ message


After capturing several important cities and provincial capitals one after the other in Afghanistan, the Taliban’s next mission is now Kabul. Before the conquest of Kabul, the Taliban praised the work done by India in Afghanistan. At the same time, on the military front, he has also threatened by giving the example of other countries. The Taliban have praised India’s humanitarian and developmental efforts in Afghanistan such as the Salma Dam, roads and other infrastructure projects in the country, but the Taliban have asked India to refrain from playing a military role in Afghanistan. The Taliban said that it would not be good for India if it sends its army.

Talking to news agency ANI, Taliban’s Qatar-based spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that it would not be good for them if India sends troops to Afghanistan. India has seen the fate of other countries’ military presence in Afghanistan. So it is an open book for them. Let us tell you that India has been helping Afghanistan in capacity building, be it parliament, schools, roads or dams. India has given more than two billion dollars in aid to Afghanistan.

When asked what would happen to India’s projects in Afghanistan, the spokesperson said, “We appreciate everything India has done for the people of Afghanistan, such as dams, national and infrastructure projects, and appreciate all that work for Afghanistan.” for development, reconstruction and economic prosperity for the people. They (India) have been helping the Afghan people or in national projects. India has done this before as well. I think it should be appreciated.


The Taliban said that there is no threat from our side to the diplomats and embassies in Afghanistan. We will not target any embassy, ​​any diplomat. We have said so in our statements also. This is our commitment. As for India’s concerns for its citizens and diplomats, I think it is up to them. All we can say from our level is that our position is clear that we will not target any diplomat or embassy.

The Taliban on Friday seized control of the entire southern part of the country, capturing the capitals of four more provinces and just weeks before the formal withdrawal of US and NATO forces from the two-decade-long war in Afghanistan. Slowly moving towards Kabul. The Taliban have seized Lashkargah, the capital of Helmand province, after taking control of the country’s second and third largest cities – Herat in the west and Kandahar in the south – in the past 24 hours. Hundreds of foreign soldiers were killed in Helmand during the nearly two-decade war.

The occupation of the southern region means the Taliban have taken control of the capitals of more than half of the 34 provinces. In such a situation, when the US is about to withdraw its last troops after a few weeks, the Taliban have captured more than two-thirds of the country’s territory. The Taliban are also advancing in Logar province, south of Kabul. He claimed to have captured the police headquarters in the provincial capital Puli-e Alim, as well as a nearby prison. The city is located about 80 km south of Kabul. Although Kabul is not directly under threat, losses and fighting elsewhere have further cemented the Taliban’s hold. The latest US military intelligence assessment suggests that Kabul could come under insurgent pressure within 30 days and the Taliban could gain full control of the country within a few months if the current stance continues. If the Taliban maintains this momentum, the Afghan government may be forced to retreat in the coming days and defend the capital and only a few other cities.


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