Wrote in support of Hindus, FB banned account for 7 days; Taslima Nasreen claims


Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen said on Monday that once again her account has been blocked by Facebook for seven days. Taslima recently posted openly against a particular religion on the violence against Hindus in Bangladesh. Now Taslima has said that Facebook has closed her account for ‘telling the truth’.

Taslima has given this information by tweeting. He wrote on Facebook, ‘Islams destroyed Bangladeshi Hindus and temples thinking that Hindus placed Quran on Hanuman’s thigh. But when it was found later that Iqbal Hussain had done this and not the Hindus, the Islamists were silent and they did nothing against Iqbal.’ According to Taslima, Facebook has taken action against her because of this post.

He tweeted, ‘Facebook also banned me for the first 24 hours. My crime was that I had welcomed the decision of a Bangladeshi handicrafts store not to employ a jihadi. This jihadi had refused to obey the rules of Aarong along with cutting his beard while on duty. Protesting against Islamic Arang.


Please tell that Taslima’s account has reportedly been closed once in the year 2015 as well. According to Facebook, someone’s account is closed only if they are found to be violating the ‘hate speech’ policy. Earlier on March 17, Taslima had claimed that Bangladeshi governments had banned her books.

Let us inform that in view of the danger of life, Taslima Nasreen left Bangladesh in 1994 and came to India. Since then she has been living in New Delhi.


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