Wonderful: What does the Himalayas look like from space? This adorable image covered by ice has been released by NASA


What would it be like to see the Himalayas in comfort? This question will be on everyone’s mind. But now NASA has covered the question with this question. Like the beauty of the Himalayas it is famous all over the world, but now its majesty can be seen from the sky, its discussion is everywhere. The US space agency NASA has shared a spectacular view of the Himalayan mountains, where the Himalayan mountains can be seen covered with ice. NASA shared this picture of the Himalayas on its Instagram, where the Indian capital Delhi is also glowing at night.

According to the space agency NASA, a member of the crew on the International Space Station (ISS) captured the image on camera. NASA writes in a long caption with this image – the world’s highest mountain range was formed 50 million years ago due to the collision of the Hind and Eurasian tectonic plates. To the south of the mountains are the agricultural fields of India and Pakistan.

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It further states, ‘To the north is the plateau region of Tibet, called the‘ roof of the world ’or‘ roof of the world ’. The picture also shows Delhi, the capital of India, and Lahore, Pakistan. Orange color is also seen due to the collision of solar particles with atmospheric particles.

This image looks so beautiful that it is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This post created two days ago has received 1240920 ‘likes’ and dozens of comments so far.




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