Women officers are not getting permanent service


Many women officers of the Indian Army have not been able to get permanent commission despite the orders of the Supreme Court. These women officers have now decided to take their struggle further. There are 28 women officers in the Indian Army who were not given permanent commission i.e. permanent service despite the order of the Supreme Court. The army has also given orders to release these women officers from service, but some of them have now decided to go to the Armed Forces Tribunal against this order. What is Permanent Commission Permanent commission in the Indian Army means serving in the army till retirement. For this, it is necessary to be admitted to the National Defense Academy in Pune, the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun or the Officers Training Academy, including Gaya.

Till 2020, women could serve in the Indian Army for a maximum period of 14 years, but the Supreme Court in a historic decision ordered the army to give permanent service to women officers as well. However, many women officers say that they are still not being selected for permanent service by the army. According to a report, there are about 43,000 officers in the Indian Army, out of which 1,653 are women. After the order of the Supreme Court, 615 women officers were considered for permanent service, but out of these 277 women were selected. The women who were declared failed once again approached the Supreme Court, which reprimanded the army.


After the reprimand, the army gave permanent service to 147 additional women officers. In this way a total of 424 women officers out of 615 got permanent service. In March 2021, the Supreme Court again ordered the Army to grant permanent service to all women officers who have secured 60 per cent marks in Army assessments, are medically qualified and have received disciplinary and vigilance clearance. . In 2021, the army had decided not to give permanent service to 28 women officers. Orders were also issued to release them from service in July, but many of these officers have decided to approach the Armed Forces Tribunal against these orders. What to say of women officers In many media reports, without giving their names, many women officers have said that they were first selected for additional service after completing five years and then after completing 10 years of service, but now they are called army. It has been that they have not been found eligible on the basis of their performance in the first five years.

These officials say that the army has once again misinterpreted the Supreme Court’s decision to serve its “frivolous purposes”. These women officers also told that every officer is given 60 days to appeal against him if the assessment is found wrong, but these women officers were not given this opportunity. He was asked to leave the army within 58 days of the results. The army has not yet commented on the subject.


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