Will there be power crisis due to the shortage of coal in the country? Energy Minister RK Singh replied


Rubbishing reports of coal shortage in the country, Union Power Minister RK Singh on Tuesday said India does not have a coal crisis like China and the country is in a position to meet the growing demand for coal. Describing the increase in power demand as a positive sign for the country’s economy, Singh said, “The demand for coal has increased and we are meeting this demand. We are in a position to meet further increase in demands.”

In an interaction with ANI, Singh said, “The sharp rise in energy demand is a good sign of the recovery of our economy. This shows that our economy is growing and it should be taken as such. We have added about 2.83 percent in the system.” Crore consumers are new additions. Most of them are from lower-middle class and poor class. They are buying fans, lights and television sets, this is also the reason for the increase in demand.”

The Union Minister said, “If the demand increases further, we are able to meet that also because we have adequate arrangements. If we see today’s stock, we have 4 days’ coal stock. Coal rakes are coming daily. We have a committee under the chairmanship of Secretary Power, with top officials from the Ministry of Railways and Coal reviewing the situation on a daily basis and keeping a close watch on the demand and supply situation. This committee ensures that any The power plant should not face any shortage of coal.”


Asked about the neighboring country facing an energy crisis, he said China is raising prices to disrupt global supply chains, but it is not a worrying situation for India. Said that there is no coal crisis in India and whatever the demand, we are able to meet the demand.”

The Coal Ministry has finalized an agenda for the year 2021-22, in which it has been ensured to produce one billion tonnes by 2024.



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