Will there be a way to grow at one and a half degrees in climate talks? India can announce big target


If new targets for reducing carbon emissions are not set in the Climate Talks Cop-26, which is going to start in Glasgow, Britain, then it may increase the climate crisis before the world in the future. The way all the countries of the world are setting different types of goals according to their convenience, the biggest question that arises is whether this conference will lead to a path of one and a half degrees?

After the sixth report of the IPCC, it has become clear that the current efforts to control global warming in the world are insufficient. They tend to increase by two degrees or more. Whereas the report says that the world will have to limit temperature rise to one and a half degrees to avoid major climate threats. But to achieve this goal, all countries will have to renew their carbon emission reduction targets.

Will there be talk on Net Zero Emissions?

Studies indicate that limiting temperature rise to one and a half degrees may be possible if the goal of zero emissions is achieved by 2050. But this goal is not so easy. However, 39 countries including America, China have announced this target. Some other countries may announce it in the conference.


India and other countries are also under pressure to declare Net Zero in this conference, but it will not be easy for developing countries to set such a difficult target. Therefore, a consensus can be reached that developed countries declare net zero targets and developing countries further increase their previously announced emissions targets. Whereas poor countries can be given freedom to take steps as per their wish. India and many like-minded countries believe that this step is logical.

India can announce big target

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attending the conference. He will take part in the World Leaders Summit in Glasgow. Therefore, it is likely that they may announce new emission reduction targets. In fact, under the Paris Agreement, India had announced to reduce the intensity of emissions by 33-35 percent. But India’s progress has been good due to schemes like 450 GW clean energy, green hydrogen mission, e-mobility etc. It has already achieved 23 per cent of the 35 per cent announced under the target. Therefore, there remains scope for India to declare bigger targets and implement them. It is believed that instead of net zero, India can increase the target of emission reduction.


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