Will the solution of the farmers’ movement come out before the Punjab elections? Indications from Captain’s statement


Captain Amarinder Singh, who announced to quit the Congress as soon as he resigned from the post of CM in Punjab, has now decided to give a double blow to the party. Captain Amarinder Singh on Tuesday announced the formation of a new party and also spoke of an alliance with the BJP in case the farmers’ agitation is resolved. At present, there is no solution to the complex turning point in which the farmers’ movement has reached. But Captain Amarinder Singh’s statement definitely indicates that the central government is making efforts to end the internal farmers’ movement after consulting him.

If a solution to the farmers’ movement is found, it can be beneficial for both the BJP and Captain Amarinder Singh. The politics of both of them also rests on this one matter. If the farmers’ movement continues like this, it may be risky for Captain Amarinder Singh to go with the BJP. The kind of fierce opposition the BJP has in the state, the Captain may also have to bear the brunt of it directly. In such a situation, it would be in the interest of both the BJP and the Captain to find a solution to the farmers’ agitation in Punjab before the elections.


Recently, the Central Government has increased the scope of jurisdiction of BSF from 10 kms to 50 kms in the border states. It is also being opposed in Punjab. The Congress has alleged that the Central Government has taken this decision only on the advice of Captain Amarinder Singh. Even if there is an internal agreement between Captain Amarinder and the BJP, the risk of coming together openly cannot be taken at the moment. In such a situation, if Captain Amarinder says that he can go with the BJP if the farmers’ movement is resolved, then it has meaning. It is possible that a solution will be found before the elections in Punjab.



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