Will ‘Samman’ lead to electoral welfare? BJP engaged in giving social message before assembly elections


Before the assembly elections of five states to be held early next year, the BJP is busy working out all the social equations. Special respect is being given to the ministers involved in the Union Council of Ministers belonging to these communities to give a message to the Dalit, Backward and Women etc. Through this the party is trying to strengthen its penetration in these social classes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month expanded his council of ministers to induct 43 new ministers. These included 40 BJP ministers. Of these, the maximum number of 27 other backward class ministers were given place.

With this, the number of ministers coming from Other Backward Classes has increased to 35 in the Modi Council of Ministers. There are 12 ministers in the central government coming from the Scheduled Castes category, while the number of ministers coming from the tribal community is eight. Similarly, the number of ministers coming from minority category has gone up to 5. There are also 11 women ministers in the Modi government. BJP is giving great importance to this representation given to different communities in the Modi government. Special respect is also being given to the ministers from different sections. These are being organized by various fronts of the party.

BJP president also takes part


BJP President JP Nadda himself attends this honor ceremony. He respects all of them. Various fronts of the party are also going among the people regarding these felicitations and telling them how BJP respects Dalits, Adivasis and backwards. Not only do they get a place in the government, the organization is also not lagging behind in respecting them.

Everybody’s company will help in everybody’s growth

According to sources, the party’s strategy is also to cultivate the social equation of the 5 assembly elections, including UP, to be held early next year. The BJP says that never in the previous Congress governments, different social classes have been given so much representation as it is being given in the Modi government. This is a meaningful effort to move forward on the principle of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas by taking all social classes together.


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