Will Kerala be the cause of third wave? Corona happened and murderer, new cases crossed 46 thousand, death toll also increased


The speed of corona virus in India has once again started to scare. Because of Kerala, the corona graph of India has now started looking frightening. About 47 thousand new cases of corona virus came in India today i.e. on Saturday and 509 people have died in the last 24 hours. It is to be noted here that only in Kerala yesterday 32801 new cases were found and 179 people lost their lives. Meanwhile, it is only a matter of relief that India is moving in the direction of corona vaccination and on Friday, more than one crore people got the vaccine in a day.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of Health, during the last 24 hours in India, 46,759 new cases of corona virus were found and 509 people died. During this time the number of patients recovering from corona is much less than the newly found patients. In the last 24 hours, 31,374 people were cured of corona. In this way, 3,26,49,947 corona cases have been found in India so far, out of which the number of active cases is 3,59,775.

The death toll due to corona virus in India has increased to 4,37,370 and the number of people who have recovered from it is 3,18,52,802. Let us inform that there were fewer corona cases on Friday as compared to Saturday and the number of people who lost their lives was also less. At present, 62,29,89,134 people have been vaccinated in India and 1,03,35,290 have been vaccinated in the last 24 hours.

How many cases were reported on Friday


On Friday, 44,658 new cases of corona virus were reported in India. At the same time, 496 people died due to this infection. However, out of 496 people who died in the country on Friday, 162 were from Kerala and 159 from Maharashtra.

When how many lakh cases in the country

The number of infected in the country had crossed 20 lakh on August 7 last year, 30 lakh on August 23 and more than 40 lakh on September 5. At the same time, the total cases of infection crossed 50 lakhs on 16th September, 60 lakhs on 28th September, 70 lakhs on 11th October, 80 lakhs on 29th October and 90 lakhs on 20th November. In the country, these cases crossed one crore on December 19, crossed two crore on May 4 and crossed three crore on June 23.


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