Will continue to take action even further, Twitter also stuck on the allegations of Congress, accounts of hundreds of leaders locked


Apart from Rahul Gandhi, Twitter has stuck to its action regarding the locking of the accounts of Congress and many of its senior leaders. The social media company says that we enforce our rules in a fair manner and without any bias. In a statement issued by a Twitter spokesperson, it was said, ‘Under our service, the rules are applied to everyone in a judicial manner and without any discrimination. We have taken action on our part on hundreds of such tweets, in which the image was shared, which violates our rules. We will continue to act according to our rules in future also.

Not only this, Twitter said, ‘Some personal information carries a lot of risk compared to other things. Our goal is to protect the privacy of any individual and ensure their safety. We encourage people on our platform to understand and follow the rules of Twitter. Apart from this, if there is any violation from anyone’s side, then report it. Twitter says it was alerted by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights about the photo. Let us inform that after the ruckus in the case of rape and murder of a Dalit girl in Delhi’s Nangla village last week, Rahul Gandhi had gone to meet her family members.

Twitter said, on review, we found Rahul violated the law

Rahul Gandhi had met the girl’s family in his car and shared his picture on Twitter. His sharing of photographs of the girl’s family members was said to be in violation of the law, under which the identity of the minor rape victim cannot be revealed. Twitter said that after receiving information from the commission, we reviewed and found that sharing the picture in this way is a violation of our rules and policy, after which action was taken. Apart from this, it is also against Indian laws. Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi’s account was first locked by Twitter.


Twitter has blocked the accounts of many big leaders of Congress

After that the same picture was shared by Congress party and other Congress leaders as well. Taking action on which Twitter also locked their accounts for some time. On Thursday, several Congress leaders shared the picture, on which Twitter also locked their accounts. The accounts of many Congress leaders like Randeep Surjewala, Ajay Maken, Sushmita Dev and Manickam Tagore have been locked so far.

Congress said, we will not sit for fear of Center and Twitter

Meanwhile, Congress has accused Twitter of working under pressure from the Modi government at the Centre. Congress said, ‘Twitter is working under pressure from the government. It has already blocked more than 5,000 accounts of our leaders and workers across the country. They should understand that we are not going to sit in fear of the central government or Twitter. On Saturday itself, Twitter temporarily suspended Rahul Gandhi’s account and since then a dispute broke out between the party and Twitter.


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