Will Akhilesh-Jayant be able to end ‘Yogi Raj’? What will be the impact of SP-RLD alliance, know the challenges


The electoral alliance between the Samajwadi Party and the Rashtriya Lok Dal is almost certain. Both the parties will announce the alliance soon. The responsibility of RLD rests on Chaudhary Jayant Singh and his first test as party president. Therefore, he is making every effort to prove himself in the assembly elections by combining the traditional vote of RLD. It is believed that the alliance between SP and RLD will be announced on November 21 and the seat sharing formula has also been decided between the two parties.

The farmers movement against the agricultural laws has given Chaudhary Jayant Singh a good chance to establish himself. Jayant is also understanding this, so he does not miss any opportunity to protest against the state and central government. After the farmers’ movement, he is again trying to make his inroads among the Jat voters. At the same time, there are also eyes on Muslims and Dalits.

In the year 2009, after the alliance with the BJP, the Muslim got separated from the RLD. After the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013, the Jat voters also shifted towards the BJP. But RLD has got political mileage in western UP due to the farmers’ movement. The resentment among Muslims has also reduced, but they are still not ready to vote for RLD alone. Mohammad Shafiq, a farmer from Kairana, says that if RLD-SP contests in alliance, he will vote for the alliance. When asked if RLD contests the election alone, he becomes silent.


Political analysts believe that even Jat voters will not unite and vote for RLD. Because, in the last Lok Sabha and assembly elections, BJP has made its hold among the Jats. He believes that the Jat voters can vote for the BJP in a seat where RLD will not have a candidate or will compete with a strong BJP leader. At the same time, RLD will also have to give better representation to Muslims. Because, bypassing Muslims, she cannot win any seat on the basis of Jat voters. At the same time, the number of Dalits is also significant.

Jats constitute around 20 per cent in western UP. On the other hand, Muslims are about 30 percent and Dalits are 25 percent. In such a situation, Jayant will have to unite Dalits and Muslims along with Jat voters. Muslim voters can vote by coming with SP. Jats, Muslims and Dalits are necessary to win most of the seats in Meerut, Saharanpur, Moradabad and Bareilly divisions of western UP.


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