Why was the Afghan woman MP returned from the Delhi airport?, the government explained


Detailed information has been given by the Government of India about the return of the female MP of Afghanistan from Delhi Airport. On behalf of the government, it has been said that Afghan woman MP Rangina Kargar was deported from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport because she did not have any valid documents related to medical examination in India nor any from Afghanistan Embassy. There were papers. Rangina Kargar represented the Faryab region of Afghanistan. Rangina Kargar reached Delhi airport on 20 August. But he was not allowed to go out of Delhi airport as he did not have any valid documents.

A senior government official has told that Kargar had reached IGI Airport by a flight from Dubai. He held a diplomatic passport which allows visa-free travel under reciprocal arrangements with India. However, after changing the situation in Afghanistan, all types of visas have been canceled by the government and only e-visas have been allowed. A security officer at the airport asked Kargar for details of the hospital at the airport where he was to undergo treatment. Apart from this, information was also sought from him about the doctor whom he was going to meet. But Kargar failed to provide any information in this regard.


She even failed to provide her reference from the Afghan Embassy. The government official said that she was never deported but was not allowed to leave the airport and then went back on the same flight she had come from. Let us tell you that in the year 2016, an agreement was signed between India and Afghanistan for visa-free visits of diplomats. This agreement came into force with effect from 20 June 2016. Another official said the agreement was signed between two democratic governments that gave their diplomats easy travel. But the current situation in Afghanistan is no longer the same. Now the Taliban has captured it.


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