Why most doctors died in Bihar


In both the waves of the corona epidemic, about a hundred doctors lost their lives in Bihar, which is more than any other state in the country. What were the circumstances due to which he could not be saved and he fell in the cheek of time? According to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), 280 doctors died across the country in both the waves of corona. Most of those who lost their lives were above 50 years of age. According to the information, most of these deaths occurred in Bihar where 39 in the first wave and about 90 doctors lost their lives during the second wave. After this, doctors died in Uttar Pradesh and then in Delhi. According to the IMA, the second wave of corona was more heavy on the doctors. Fewer deaths occurred in the first wave, but the number increased rapidly in the second wave. Most of the deaths occurred between March 1 and May 19. To find out the reason for this, the Bihar branch of IMA formed a team. In pictures: The things that make Bihar special, this team was headed by eminent doctor Dr. Sahajanand Prasad Singh and Dr. Ajay Kumar is its convener. The Bihar branch is collecting information about each doctor who died during the Corona period. This team is not only trying to know the cause of death, but it is also trying to know why more doctors died in Bihar than other states. As such, during the treatment of corona infected, there was no shortage in the resources given by the government. When the doctors got infected, there was no lapse in their treatment or they did not face any problem in arranging oxygen or beds. Even the doctors did not get oxygen, in the investigation of IMA, shocking information has come to the fore in this regard.

First of all, even the doctors had to wander like ordinary people for oxygen and beds in critical condition. It was also learned that in the second wave, some doctors were negligent during the course of therapy in blatant violation of the Kovid protocol. Even during the treatment, the doctors were not strict about social distancing. Another information also came to the fore that the government did not take care of the age of the doctors in the corona duty. Most were aged and were not even aware of the danger of new variants of the mutating virus. Apart from this, the quality of the safety equipment given to them, such as masks and PPE kits, was also not up to the standards. IMA investigation is going on. These reasons will be discussed in detail in the final report. Dr. Ajay Kumar says, “We were not fully prepared in the first phase of Corona, while in the second phase the doctors became a bit restless. Those who did not get treatment by wearing PPE kits, the death toll is high. Similarly, the number of deaths among private doctors is more than that of government doctors. Private doctors mostly depended on masks.” In the first phase, there was a shortage of PPE kits and in the second phase there was a problem of its quality. At the same time, doctors above 60 years of age were not to work, but the government also did not refrain from taking duty from them, private doctors also kept working. It is understood that this committee of IMA will release its report in the last week of December or first week of January after its national conference to be held in Patna. Excessive work pressure IMA National President Dr.


Sahajanand Prasad Singh says, “In the course of treatment, doctors came in contact with infected patients. If they also got infected, then the viral load in them became very high. Due to this his condition deteriorated relatively soon. ”He believes that doctors across the country are very accountable and dedicated towards their duty. But the doctors of Bihar are a bit sentimental and have been working in adverse conditions even in the midst of lack of medical infrastructure. Perhaps this was the reason that even during the second wave of the epidemic, all the clinics remained open in the state. According to the information, there are about thirty thousand registered doctors in the state, of which 18,000 work in government hospitals and the rest in the private sector. The population of Bihar is 12.5 crore. At the national level, there is a ratio of 1.4 doctors per 1000 population, while in Bihar there is one doctor per 2,400 people. Dr. Ajay Kumar, acting president of IMA’s Bihar branch, said, “Due to the shortage, there was a lot of work pressure on the doctors. Due to the huge number of infected during the epidemic, he did not get a chance to rest for almost a year. This had a bad effect on his own immunity. In many cases, when he himself got infected, his condition got worse due to which he died.

The trouble was more for those who were doing private practice. In the event of getting infected, he had to suffer like ordinary people. Then due to being old, the effect of corona on him soon became more and more. Questions have been arising on the death of doctors during the Corona wave, there has been a debate on how the common man will be treated when the doctors have not been saved from becoming a victim of infection. Dr. SN Singh, the former president of IMA’s Bihar branch, had said that during that time the reason for the death of doctors was lack of resources and overduty and said that due to the shortage of doctors, there was a lot of work pressure on them during that time. The President of Junior Doctors Association (JDA) of NMCH (Nalanda Medical College Hospital), a specially appointed hospital for Kovid, had also said that the government’s special attention was given to the safety of doctors coming in direct contact with the infected while on duty. was not. On the other hand, Dr. Devanshu of JDA had said that the mask given to the doctors was the reason for the infection and said that the mask was being given N-95 but it did not have a nose clip, only the design is made, its metal was missing, due to which There was a risk of infection. According to Dr. Devanshu, due to its absence, there is a gap near the nose, due to which it is difficult to stop the infection. He said, “When the nose itself will not be safe from infection, then PPE kit is of no use.”


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