Why don’t people of all ages have the Corona vaccine right now? PM Modi gave the reason


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today digitally discussed the Kovid-19 situation with the Chief Ministers in view of the uncontrolled Corona infection once again across the country. The Prime Minister said that India has crossed the peak of the first wave of the Kovid-19 pandemic and the situation is very serious in some states. People have become more careless than before, in some states the administration is languishing.

Prime Minister Modi told the Chief Ministers that we have resources, now also experience. Testing, tracking, treatment and adherence to the COVID protocol will help bring down the peak of infection. Stopping the infected person is the only way to prevent the virus, we have to increase the investigation. We have resources now, our focus should be on the micro-containment zone.

Prime Minister Modi said that in one day we have crossed the figure of 40 lakh vaccines. India is no different from the rich countries that have created criterias for vaccination. You study, you are educated people. All efforts are being made for new vaccine development and work is on to increase production. Vaccine development has led to discussions on issues such as stock to vestage.

You know how to make such a vaccine. It is not that such large factories are made overnight. We have to prioritize what is available. We have to manage this by taking the entire country into consideration.


State to celebrate Tika festival from 11 to 14 April

The strategy has been made with the suggestion of the State Governments regarding the vaccine. Try to get all the people over 45 years of age vaccinated. April 11 is Jyotibafule and April 14 is the birthday of Baba Ambedkar. Can we celebrate the Teeka festival in the country during this time. During this, we get all the people vaccinated. During this, the vaccine should have zero vestage. Optimum use of vaccine. I have asked the authorities to deliver as much quantity as we can. I would ask the youth to help those around you who are over 45 years of age get vaccinated.

The poor and slum dwellers should also be taken and vaccinated. It is also a work of virtue. Do not be negligent even after applying the vaccine. I have been saying since day one that medicine is to be taken and strictness has to be taken.



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