Why corona is becoming a period in Kerala, scientists are accepting it as the real reason


Corona is once again becoming a time in Kerala. Unexpected cases of rising corona in Kerala have increased the tension of the country. Concern is being expressed at many levels due to the increase in the infection of corona in Kerala. It is also being seen as a threat of a third wave. But scientists say that it is increasing now due to relatively less infection in the last wave in Kerala.

A sero survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical and Research (ICMR) in May found that about 44 per cent of the population in Kerala have antibodies. This means that 44 percent of people have developed immunity due to vaccination or infection. Whereas resistance was found in about 67 percent of the population across the country. In many states this percentage was more than 67. But Kerala is among the states where it was the lowest at 44 per cent.

The risk of infection is minimal in states with high sero-positivity


This means that during the countrywide second wave, Kerala was largely successful in stopping the spread of corona. Due to which less than half of its population was affected, whereas in most states two-thirds of the population has been affected. Second, the higher the number of antibodies found in the population, the lower the risk of new infection. It is believed that in the states where sero-positivity has been found up to 70-80 percent, the risk of infection has been reduced to a minimum and the states where this rate has been low, the risk of infection is high. It is clear from the figures of Kerala that there is still 54 percent of the vulnerable population, so the infection is spreading.

If the new variant does not come, then the possibility of spreading the infection is minimal.

According to experts, in the current situation, if a new variant of the virus does not come, then the possibility of spreading the infection is minimal. Provided that people follow corona friendly behavior. But in Kerala, the infection from the delta variant is still increasing due to the less infected population. Almost the same situation is happening in the northeastern states where the infection had reduced in April-May.


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