Why Channi wants to come to Lakhimpur, what is the connection of the ruckus with the politics of Punjab

Politics has also intensified in Lakhimpur on Sunday after four farmers were crushed to death by a convoy of BJP leaders. Leaders like Priyanka Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav and Shivpal Yadav have been taken into custody by the administration and are being prevented from going to Lakhimpur. Meanwhile, Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi also wants to come to Lakhimpur. However, UP Additional Chief Secretary Avnish Awasthi has ordered the Lucknow Airport Administration not to allow his plane to land. Now the Director of Civil Aviation of Punjab has written a letter seeking permission for the landing of the CM’s chauffeur.

Why does the Punjab CM want to go even after the announcement of Priyanka Gandhi’s departure in Lakhimpur? This question must be in your mind. In fact, the ongoing ruckus in Lakhimpur can also be important from the point of view of Punjab’s politics. According to media reports, out of 4 farmers who were crushed to death by a car, 3 are Sikhs. However, the administration has not confirmed the identity of anyone. Apart from this, there is a sizeable population of Sikhs in the districts of UP like Pilibhit, Amroha, Lakhimpur. There is a Sikh merchant community here and is also associated with agriculture.

In such a situation, the CM of Punjab wants to visit this area and give a message in his state that he is ready for the interests of Sikhs. Apart from this, the biggest impact of the farmers’ movement has been seen in Punjab itself so far. In such a situation, CM Channi wants to give the message that everywhere Congress is ready for the interest of farmers. Channi is trying to convey a message to Punjab through his visit to UP. However, it is clear from the strict attitude of the UP administration that this ruckus does not get much air, so it will not allow the entry of leaders. In such a situation, Charanjit Singh Channi finds it difficult to get permission to reach Lakhipur.


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