Why BJP is not coming out openly on caste census, understand what is the strategy


The BJP is proceeding very cautiously on the caste census. She is not only opposing this issue, but does not seem to support it openly. BJP leader and minister Janakram, who was part of Bihar’s all-party delegation along with Nitish Kumar, has said that whatever decision Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes, it will be accepted by all. However, he also targeted the parties doing casteist politics indirectly. Also said that many leaders carry forward their political journey in the name of caste and community. However, later they get busy in taking forward their own family members.

After meeting the Prime Minister, Janakram compared Modi as the guardian of a family. Also claimed that whatever decision Modi will take on this issue, it will be acceptable to all. He said that the population of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is regularly enumerated. Modi himself comes from Other Backward Classes. For the first time, the country has got a Prime Minister who has put development ahead of issues like caste. After this meeting, Janakram targeted the opposition leaders without naming them. He said that many leaders enter politics in the name of caste and community. Later, his entire emphasis is on taking forward the members of his own family.

However, the BJP leader did not give a direct answer to the question whether he supports caste census or not. He definitely said that Modi fully understands how the all-round development of the country can take place. He is working that way. Though the BJP had supported two resolutions passed in the Bihar Assembly demanding caste census, the party leadership has not yet taken a clear stand on the issue. Recently, BJP MP Sanghmigya Maurya had supported the caste census in the Lok Sabha, but nothing was said on this by the Union Social and Justice Minister.


Why top BJP leaders are avoiding speaking openly

Political experts believe that the BJP’s top leadership is avoiding speaking anything about the caste census to be held in UP and other states. Actually the strategy of the BJP is to get the census done at the behest of the opposition, but he did not appear on the front foot in this matter. Apart from this, till now the leaders of BJP who have made such demands have also been from OBC or Depressed Classes. In such a situation, the party can save its face by saying that there is pressure from the society on them. This is the reason why BJP is working very carefully on the issue of caste census.

Census timeline not yet decided

Amidst the ongoing debate on the caste census, the government has not yet taken any decision regarding the new dates for the census to be held in the year 2021. Officials say that the dates of the census will be decided based on the situation of Kovid. Except field work, other work is going on continuously. Significantly, the census process for the year 2021 was postponed indefinitely due to Kovid. For the first time, the government had prepared for the digital census. This census was to be conducted in two phases. In the first phase, house listing and enumeration was to be done from April 2020 to September 2020. At the same time, the population of the country was to be calculated from 9 to 28 February 2021.


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