Why are sadhus not cremated like ordinary people?


The President of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, Narendra Giri, has been given a bhoo-samadhi. Mane is buried. In Hinduism, people are burnt in funeral rites. So why has Narendra Giri been buried in such a situation, let us know.

Sadhus are considered to be a holy spirit. The followers of Hinduism believe in the existence of the soul which transcends after death. It is also believed that reincarnation occurs only when the soul is freed from all attachments during a person’s life cycle.

At the time of death the body dies, but the soul can remain in attachments as long as the mortal remains are present in physical form. According to Hindu beliefs, by performing the last rites of the body, the worldly attachment ends completely. This paves the way to free the soul from worldly needs.


A sannyasin becomes a saint by giving up all worldly attachments and pleasures. When such a person dies, it is believed that the sannyasin leaves the physical body and after death attains immortality through Kapal Moksha. It is based on the belief that the soul of sages leaves the body through a divine path.

It is a belief about sages and sages that they become free from all attachments in the physical body itself. In such a situation, even without cremation, his soul becomes free.



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