Who will be the face in the country against PM Modi? It is not easy for Mamata Banerjee to unite the opposition


Ever since the resounding victory in the West Bengal elections, there is a constant discussion that Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee could be the face of the opposition in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. But is it possible? At present, there is no progress in this direction. It seems that Banerjee is eager to become the face of the opposition, but there are no indications from other parties to support this point.

On Wednesday, Mamta Banerjee met many opposition leaders including Sonia Gandhi in Delhi and also spoke to the media. But she could not present a concrete blueprint of how she might lay siege to the BJP in other states in the 2024 general election or the upcoming assembly elections, what strategy she has to fight the BJP outside Bengal.

Elections are not far away in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab etc. But especially in Uttar Pradesh, the opposition is yet to see a concrete strategy to defeat the BJP. Mamta defended the fact that Parliament is in session now and all the parties are busy in it, after the session the parties should sit and talk on this issue.

Several constraints regarding presenting face to Mamta:


There are many hurdles at the regional and national level to project Mamata as the face of the opposition in the general elections. At the regional level, there is a problem of many parties standing together, like in Uttar Pradesh, SP-BSP cannot stand together. In West Bengal, the Left cannot stand behind Mamata. The parties in the south have their own politics. The BJP is not effective in most of the southern states except Karnataka, so regional parties in the south have different priorities. Similarly, the chances of Mamta being accepted as the face of opposition by the largest opposition party Congress is very slim. Perhaps this is the reason why Mamta herself is still taking precautions. She is avoiding projecting herself as the face of the opposition. However, she insists that the opposition must unite to defeat the BJP. But how, under whose leadership they do not have the answer today.

No major opposition party gave any indication:

One more thing, so far no major opposition party has given any indication that it will field Mamata Banerjee by projecting it as the face of the opposition for 2024. Whatever is being said, it is coming only in the analysis of the media. Although it is clear from the activism of Mamta Banerjee that she is ready to take this responsibility, but she wants other parties to project her for this but the chances of it are less. Although Banerjee says she has no problem with anyone else’s leadership, the aim should be to defeat the BJP. In such a situation, the biggest question has arisen that even if he does not become the face of the opposition, will his efforts to unite the opposition be successful?


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