Where will 160 winning female candidates come from? Why is it not easy for Congress to fulfill the promise of ’40 percent ticket’ in UP?


In the Uttar Pradesh elections, Congress has increased the difficulties of other parties by announcing 40 percent tickets to women with the slogan ‘I am a girl, I can fight’. The announcement of the party is being considered as a big step towards women empowerment in the state. The party has announced to contest the elections alone. In such a situation, the question is bound to be whether the Congress will be able to find 40 percent women winning candidates?

There are 403 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. To fulfill the promise of 40 per cent women candidates, the Congress will have to give about 160 tickets to women. The party has only seven MLAs, so the party has no shortage of vacant seats. But finding more than 150 winning women is a challenge for the party. Because, along with being a woman, the candidate should also have a chance of winning.

Rajendra Sharma, professor of political science at Maharishi Dayanand University, says that it is very difficult for the Congress to find such a large number of women candidates. Because, through the candidate, the party sees the possibilities of winning along with the caste equations in the region. At this time, the Congress does not have the winning women, not even the male candidates. In such a situation, his difficulty may increase.

Congress confident of fulfilling its promise

Despite all this, the Congress is confident of fulfilling the promise. A senior leader said that so far more than five thousand applications have been received for tickets. Of these, about 2700 applications have been received from women. Many women among these contenders who have sought tickets have no connection at all with politics. At the same time, a large number of politicians have also applied for tickets on behalf of their wife and daughter.


Women in decisive role in Uttar Pradesh

Congress has played the bets of women candidates very carefully. Women are playing a decisive role in Uttar Pradesh. Out of about 14.40 crore voters in the state, there are 7.79 crore male voters and 6.61 crore female voters. In the year 2017, the maximum number of women in the state have reached the assembly by winning. According to the records of the Election Commission, 20 women were elected in the first assembly after independence.

Women ahead of men in voting

The percentage of women voters in Uttar Pradesh is around 45 per cent. But women are ahead of men in voting during elections. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the voting percentage of males in Uttar Pradesh was 57 per cent. While the voting percentage of women was 57.7 percent. This is the reason why the party is finalizing its entire assembly election strategy keeping women at the center.


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