‘Where is my heroine … send me a picture …’, the officer was talking obscenely to the woman. Audio viral


Audio of an officer who was removed some time ago due to antiques. In this audio he is talking obscenely with a young woman.


  • The audio of a deleted officer has gone viral
  • Viral audio is a phone call, the officer talking obscenely with a girl

Prayagraj / Nagpur: The audio of a senior official who was removed from his post due to protests is also going viral on social media. These officers are indecently talking to a young woman on the phone without any care. However, no complaint has been lodged yet. The recording, which went viral, is said to have been from the time the office was in Nagpur and the girl was returning from Karnataka with friends.

The audio has gone viral


According to ‘Amar Ujala’, at this time the office girl called the girl and asked when she would come to Nagpur. After that, he quietly came out on the street and asked where his heroine was, after which the woman picked up the phone to a young woman and the officer spoke obscenely to her. In this four-minute audio clip, the officer often addresses the woman in a very obscene manner and tells the conversation not to tell anyone.

Drunk on sending photos

It is heard in the audio that the officer has requested the girl to come to Nagpur, and the woman says that she will get off the train before Nagpur. But after the officer’s appeal, the woman said she would try. After that, when the matter was over, the officer asked the girl to send some more pictures of him. In it the girl says that she can’t send pictures at the moment, you can look at the status if you want.

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On top of that, the officer said he would look right there. The Times Now does not confirm the audio. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it is said that this is audio since the officer was in Nagpur.


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