Where has the mistake gone, what will the superpower do now? America’s next step will decide Afghan’s future


After the terrorist attack in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, now the eyes of the world are on America’s next step. US President Joe Biden has spoken of punishing the culprits, so all eyes are on America’s next step. Defense experts say that the US will take action against IS, but it also has limited options in this matter. US troops are unlikely to be sent to Afghanistan.

Defense expert Lt Gen Rajendra Singh said the threat of such incidents was being felt by the way the US withdrew its forces from Afghanistan. Indeed, Afghanistan remains a stronghold of terrorist organizations. IS, which once occupied half of Iraq, is also active here. Even if it’s limited now. He has challenged both the US and the Taliban by carrying out a suicide attack in Afghanistan. The American army was also the target of this attack. Perhaps through this he has tried to send the message that he is getting stronger. Secondly, the Taliban has also been taking the help of IS, so behind this attack, it is also alerting the Taliban.

There was no need to withdraw the Air Force immediately


According to the defense expert, the US should have completed the process of removing troops from Afghanistan in a phased manner. There was no need to withdraw the Air Force immediately. At the same time, it should have presented an action plan for the security of Afghanistan through drones and fighter jets. This does not boost the spirits of the Taliban or IS. But he didn’t do any such thing. In this way removed his forces as if trying to escape from the Taliban.

The situation in Afghanistan is very critical

Now the situation in Afghanistan is at a critical juncture. In the days to come, it remains to be seen whether the Taliban appears to have changed or not, and whether the people trust in it or not. If the Taliban also continues their extremist activities and terrorist groups continue to be active there, then the country can go towards civil war. But if the US, with the support of the Taliban, strictly deals with terrorist groups and the Taliban changes its face, then the situation can be improved.


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