When the health of the worker deteriorated in the rally, PM Modi sent his team of doctors, see the video


Voting for two phases has already taken place in Assam and election campaigning for the third phase is on couples. Before the April 6 vote, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public meeting in Tamulpur today, during an incident when PM Modi had to stop his speech in between and his medical team was immediately supervised by a worker Had to send for

In fact, when PM Modi was addressing a public meeting in favor of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Tamulpur, a party worker suffered a lot due to lack of water and fainted. After this, PM Modi, who was addressing the public meeting, caught sight of that worker and he sent his medical team to help from the stage itself.

Modi said from the forum, ‘This is the medical team of the PMO, let it be there, a worker has suffered due to lack of water, help them immediately. The doctors who have come with me, please help our partner. Some of the brothers here have suffered due to lack of water.

What else did Modi say in Tamulpur rally

All the key points of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech:

PM Modi said that on the basis of my political experience, on the strength of public love language, blessings of the people, I say that once again you have decided to form the NDA government in Assam. The development happening in Assam is increasing connectivity here. The development going on in Assam is making the lives of people and women easier here. Development in Assam is creating new opportunities here, increasing opportunities for the youth.

We work without bias

Whenever we make a plan, we make it for everyone. We work hard to benefit the people of every region, every class of people, without discrimination, without bias, the scheme. There are some such things going wrong in the country, if we give something for our vote bank by discriminating in society, cutting the society, then see the misfortune, it is called secularism in the country. But if they work for everyone, give it to everyone without discrimination, then they say that they are communal. This game of secularism-communism has done a lot of damage to the country. We are hard working people, people working day and night to serve the society, people working sincerely for development. The people of Assam are seeing today that everyone’s support, everybody’s development, everyone’s faith is in our policy and also in our intentions.




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