When more pollution is not spreading from the stubble, then why is there a ruckus; SC reprimands Delhi government


Taking cognizance of the increased pollution in Delhi, the hearing was held in the Supreme Court today. Meanwhile, the court has directed the central government to convene an emergency meeting tomorrow on issues like construction, non-essential transport, stopping power plants and implementing work from home to tackle air pollution in Delhi-NCR.

At the same time, as soon as the issue of stubble came up during the hearing, the court said, ‘Study burning contributes only 4 percent to air pollution. In such a situation, there is no basis for making noise about the fire in the fields.

The central government also does not consider stubble because


The central government has also denied considering stubble as a major reason for the increased pollution in Delhi. The government’s counsel told the court that stubble was not a major reason for the increased pollution in Delhi and some other states of North India. The government said that stubble burning contributes only 10 percent to air pollution.

Complete lockdown may be imposed in Delhi

Let us tell you that during the hearing held in the Supreme Court on Monday, the Delhi government has indicated that a complete lockdown can be imposed in the Union Territory. The Kejriwal government said that we are ready to impose a complete lockdown to stop air pollution in Delhi. Not only this, the Kejriwal government said that if such a lockdown is imposed in the cities around other states other than Delhi, then pollution can be dealt with.


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