When Justice Suryakant said in the Supreme Court – I am a farmer, I know that he cannot buy the machine of water management


During the hearing on the stubble problem, Justice Surya Kant said that I am a farmer. The Chief Justice also belongs to a farmer family. We know that poor farmers of North India cannot buy straw management machines. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Centre, told the court that 80 per cent subsidy is being given on machines related to stubble management. To this the court asked whether you can tell the post-subsidy price? Justice Surya Kant said that following the agricultural laws, the land holdings in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana are less than three acres. We cannot expect those farmers to buy machines related to stubble management.

Why can’t the government give the machine

He said that you are saying that two lakh machines are available for stubble management, but poor farmers are unable to buy them. Why can’t the central and state governments provide machines?

Use stubble in paper mill

Justice Surya Kant said that the stubble should be used for other purposes including production in the paper mill. In winter, stubble can be used for fodder for goats etc. in Rajasthan.

Farmers need to be encouraged


Lack of encouragement is the real problem. If you do not encourage farmers to take alternative measures, the situation will not change. Change does not come just like that.

think above politics

In the matter of air pollution, you have to think above government and politics. Something must happen that in the next two to three days, we feel better.

Don’t know good English: Chief Justice

During the hearing, Chief Justice Justice NV Raman said that he is not an enlightened orator. He started studying English in class VIII. So don’t know good english to express the words. Justice Raman’s remarks came in response to Solicitor General Tushar Mehta’s clarification that he was not even saying that farmers alone were responsible for air pollution in Delhi-NCR. Mehta had said, as a lawyer, the language in which our reply is taken can sometimes send a wrong message.


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