What was the punishment of Gabbar in Shola? UP police shared creative videos, alerted, applauded


Why Gabbar is being punished: UP police have creatively presented a scene on social media in Sholay. This video shared for the purpose of making Corona aware is getting a lot of praise.

New Delhi: A video shared by Uttar Pradesh police on social media is being watched and going viral. UP police have shared a video aimed at sensitizing the risk of coronary infection. In this video, UP police showed a scene of Gabbar from Sholay, in which he followed Thakur, i.e. after spitting out Ganjwar (Amjad Khan), followed by Sanjeev Kumar and stabbed him in the throat with his hand.

In the video that has been shared, the scene starts with Gabbar spitting on Amjad Khan and then Sanjeev Kumar, who plays Thakur in the film, is seen chasing him. The real scene of Gabbar has been edited by the UP police. However, people are liking this creativity aimed at creating awareness from Corona’s point of view. People like this creative video very much on social media. People are liking this message of awareness through a movie scene.

In the caption of the video, UP police wrote, ‘What is the punishment for Gabbar?’ In the video, UP police also issued a warning message about spitting in the open. “Spitting in public places can increase the risk of Kovid-19 spreading,” the warning said. One, it is a punishable offense. Do not spit in public places. ‘

The video went viral on social media with 2,44,400 views, 3,600 retweets and 18,700 likes. It is being liked a lot on social media, while this video has been praised by many people including Anupam Kher. It is noteworthy that earlier, under awareness, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bangalore police have shared the video, the aim of which is to make the public aware so that they can protect themselves during epidemics like Corona.


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