What was the message sent to Pakistan by India’s meeting on the Afghan issue, know the inside story


With Pakistan not attending the NSA meeting on the situation in Afghanistan hosted by India, most members were unanimous that the bilateral agenda should not be allowed to come in the way of the Afghanistan issue. The hint was clearly on the personal discontent of Pakistan with India. Although China also did not participate in the meeting, but it did not tell the reason for the meeting, but the time.

Experts say that due to the strategic location of Pakistan, it is difficult to isolate it on the issue of Afghanistan. Yet there is pressure on Pakistan to persuade the Taliban regime to work in a systematic manner and form an inclusive government in the spirit of the world, rather than pursuing its own personal agenda.


India was also eyeing the Troika Plus meeting in Pakistan. According to experts, more or less the same issues have come up in Troika Plus, which had emerged in the NSA meeting through a joint announcement in Delhi. Sources said India is ready to work closely with the global community to ensure an inclusive government and not to allow Afghan soil to be used for terrorism and extremism, including providing humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan. But the intention of Pakistan is not right. This also needs to be brought to the fore.

Sources said that Pakistan wants to impose its agenda on the pretext of Taliban. He continues to be exposed. It is India’s effort that the world community along with the Taliban keep pressure on Pakistan as well. India also remains in touch with the Taliban from behind the scenes. The Indian representative had also met the Taliban team during the Moscow draft talks.


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