What a celebration at 21 percent… Siddaramaiah on 100 crore corona dose


Celebrating BJP on a 100 crore corona dose in India does not seem right to former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. They say what are we celebrating here? We Indians also have to keep in mind that we have reached only 21 percent of the total vaccination. This figure is nothing compared to other countries.

Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday questioned the celebration of one billion or 100 crore doses of the corona vaccine by the leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He says that out of 290 million we are only 21 percent fully vaccinated. So what’s the celebration?

Taking to Twitter, Siddaramaiah wrote, “One billion doses sounds like a fancy number, but out of 139 crore people, only 29 crore people have received both vaccines. This means that only 21 percent of people have been fully vaccinated. Celebrating only 21 percent of people getting vaccinated?”

Siddaramaiah further writes, “In the US 56% of the population is fully vaccinated, in China the figure is 70% and in Canada 71%, but India’s overall vaccination is just 21%. So before celebrating Mr @narendramodi this figure fix it!!”

Let us inform that on the completion of 100 crore corona dose in India on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed happiness and said that the battle is still long and Corona has to be defeated soon. At the same time, BJP leaders across the country celebrated the 100 crore corona dose. During this, Rangoli was played in Delhi AIIMS on 100 crore corona doses.




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