We are not on fuel, you reduce VAT more… Ashok Gehlot’s appeal to the Center


Before Diwali, the central government reduced VAT on the prices of petrol and diesel, giving relief to the public on fuel prices. Along with this, all the state governments were also appealed to reduce VAT. Many BJP ruled states have done this, but many state governments are shying away from doing so. In this there is also the state of Rajasthan. CM Ashok Gehlot says that the state government will not reduce VAT on the prices of petrol and diesel, yes the central government should reduce VAT further.

CM Ashok Gehlot had said the same thing by issuing a statement two days ago. Gehlot again issued a statement saying that I suggest that the state governments levy VAT on the revenue collected by the central government in the form of additional excise duty, special excise duty and cess from petrol, diesel and gas. In view of inflation, the central government should reduce it further. This will automatically reduce the VAT of the states.

Gehlot said that we have been continuously urging the central government to control and reduce the prices of petrol, diesel. Right now, on November 4, due to the decision of the Central Government to reduce the excise duty, the state’s VAT also automatically reduced by Rs 1.8 per liter on petrol and by Rs 2.6 per liter on diesel. Due to this shortfall, the state has suffered an annual loss of Rs 1800 crore in VAT revenue.


Gehlot said that during the budget this year, the state government had reduced VAT on diesel petrol by 2 percent, due to which there has been a revenue loss of 1000 crores. Now there will be another loss of 1800 crores. In this way Rajasthan will get less revenue of 2800 crores.

Gehlot said that the central government is requested to restrain the oil companies not to increase the prices further. To stop the daily increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. If not banned, then after Diwali as before and after the elections of 5 states, in a few days, oil companies will increase the price and make the benefit of the relief given by the central-state government to zero.


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